Electromagnetic relays are a common form of electronic control device for circuits, providing management through automatic switching that occurs based on current conditions. Such relays feature a control and controlled system, those of which are respectively known as the input and output loop. With a small current, electromagnetic relay are able to govern a larger current with a higher voltage. With this simple role, electromagnetic relays are used for safety, conversion, and adjustment.

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Although many aircraft designs are moving toward jet turbines as their source of thrust, there is still a non-negligible number of vessels dependent on propellers. The propeller design was the first to be implemented on airplanes and has not changed much in its century-old history. When building or repairing an aircraft, one of the most critical factors in determining performance is choosing the right propeller. This determination is entirely-application based, and it is important to know what metrics are involved in choosing an optimal propeller. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about propeller selection.

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Heat shrink tubing is a standard product used in various electrical setups to protect electrical parts from moisture, dust, abrasion, and sharp objects which can damage wires and other electrical components. Heat shrink tubing also helps secure loose binding cables, connectors, joints, and terminals to create organized bundles. In addition, color-coded heat shrink tubing may aid in facilitating wires and the identification of similar components.

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