Aircraft contain complicated electrical systems that are used to transmit data and signals to power up electrical devices through a complex assembly of wires both within and between systems. Since wires are an intrinsic component of all modern aircraft, they should be shielded to protect their core from getting damaged, especially from the flayed ends of the holes through which they are threaded. This is where grommets, not to be confused with eyelets since they share similar functions, come into the picture. Grommets are made of metal, rubber, or plastic, and they are used to protect the holes through which the wires pass. In contrast, eyelets are used to stabilize the sharp edges around the holes. Thus, seeing how grommets and eyelets are fundamental to aircraft safety, this blog shall shed more light on the functionalities of each and explore the differences between them.

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Many people nowadays have flown in an aircraft at some point in their life. They may gaze from their seat as the wings glide through the sky, see the engines spin fast during takeoff, or maybe watch a movie on a provided screen on the seat in front of them during their flight. Others may be fascinated by the many tools and electronics they see in the captain’s cockpit as they enter and exit the plane. All of these are things that make up the planes that we are familiar with, but there are actually millions of small and large aircraft parts that all come together to make these grand machines. And with all of these parts, the need to eventually repair or replace comes with time.

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