Differences Between Grommets and Eyelets

Aircraft contain complicated electrical systems that are used to transmit data and signals to power up electrical devices through a complex assembly of wires both within and between systems. Since wires are an intrinsic component of all modern aircraft, they should be shielded to protect their core from getting damaged, especially from the flayed ends of the holes through which they are threaded. This is where grommets, not to be confused with eyelets since they share similar functions, come into the picture. Grommets are made of metal, rubber, or plastic, and they are used to protect the holes through which the wires pass. In contrast, eyelets are used to stabilize the sharp edges around the holes. Thus, seeing how grommets and eyelets are fundamental to aircraft safety, this blog shall shed more light on the functionalities of each and explore the differences between them.

Salient Features of Grommets

Grommets do not damage the material onto which they are secured, especially if it is relatively thin. Apart from their widespread applications in aircraft, they are also used in curtains and shoelaces. Grommets are made of malleable metals such as stainless steel or brass, making them easier to handle and manage so that they may be tightly secured in place. Grommets are manufactured according to standard dimensions to suit predetermined applications. Their flanges are greater than the diameter of their holes to prevent the abrasion of the material onto which they are secured. Grommets may or may not have a washer, and unlike eyelets, they may not come in two parts.

Salient Features of Eyelets

Eyelets are essentially smaller-sized grommets, typically made of brass, and are used to reinforce holes in a piece of fabric. Apart from the aircraft industry, eyelets also find widespread applications within the marine industry. Eyelets are secured to a place by snapping their individual components together, usually with the aid of pliers. Eyelets find widespread usage in hoodies, shoes, and leather belts, to enhance their overall appeal. In addition, they are cheap to manufacture, and can be available with washers. 

Differences Between Eyelets and Grommets

Eyelets are essentially designed to serve an ornamental purpose on lighter materials, and due to this reason, they tend to be relatively less durable when compared to grommets, which are generally used for performance enhancement. Grommets, therefore, have a more practical application since they are used to secure electrical wiring, implying that they need to be more robust and longer lasting. Thus, eyelets are best suited for applications where only small holes need to be secured. In contrast, grommets work for larger holes to protect the integrity of the material being threaded through them. This is why grommets are relatively favored in the aircraft industry over eyelets. However, due to the differential nature of the performance expectations of both eyelets and grommets, there is a marked difference in their dimensions as well. This is particularly noticeable in their diameter, where grommets tend to have a larger diameter in general, as compared to eyelets.

Grommets are deliberately designed from soft materials such as rubber and plastic to avoid damaging the object that they are intended to shield. Thus, wires used in aircraft electrical systems, particularly those in the drainage systems, remain protected at all times. In addition, aircraft drainage systems employ coolants and other fluids for the optimum operation of the aircraft, and this is why they use grommets since they have a radius suitable for the application.

Summing Up

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